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Creating company image

You only get one chance at a first impression, why blow it?

First Impressions Count. People buy from people they are comfortable with and, with whom they feel, represent the values they hold themselves.

Quality is visible - and poor quality even more so. When you need to make the best and lasting impression, good quality printing is an absolute necessity.

The creation of your company image starts with our pre-press design department. We only use state of the art computer equipment to design and originate your company image. Our designers are in-house employees and we do not outsource this function. This means that your image is 'designed for print' and this guarantees the desired result is achieved.

Your company image starts with the business card your employee hands over to a customer. It has to convey a quality image and should never be allowed to convey anything else. Your compliment slips and letterheads continue that image and form the cornerstone of your business stationery.

Once you have established a quality image in your business stationary, this leads successfully to a quality image in items such as

It is essential to create that good first impression and vital you maintain it throughout your relationship with your client.

To experience Hill and Hay customer satisfaction and get a quote for a specific job, call us on 0141 554 2205 or email us.

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See how Bridgeton looked in years gone by. Compiled by Gordon Adams and featuring many photographs from his personal collection, as well as contributions from many others.

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