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Was there ever a more important time to promote your company in the right way?

Your competitors used to be local companies – you were probably on first name terms with them. Could you say that now? We doubt it.

Competition is now world wide on most products and services and when compared to certain sections of the world, it can be a challenge to stay price competitive because of radically reduced labour costs.

Most businesses need to rise to the price challenge by bringing in a focus on value for money. Part of this message is how you promote your company to your customers and prospective customers.

Full colour quality brochures help fill that perceived gap and leave your clients with a feeling of dealing with a quality organisation. They show your products and services in the correct light and are something a client will hold on to – whether he or she needs your services now or not until the future.

It has been thought that websites will replace the need for full colour brochures, but a website needs an address for people to find it and in this world of continual name confusion due to constant sales messages – what will make your prospects remember you over your competitor?

The answer is something tangible, something to hold, something to find in their filing cabinet

– a full colour brochure.

Inserts can also convey a strong sales message. Included with your monthly invoices going out, research shows these get a much higher reading than unsolicited mailings. The reason for this is that your customers are more receptive to your message at this time. This is why banks always send application forms for loans and credit cards with your statements.

If you send out necessary mailings to your clients regularly, such as monthly invoices, you are missing a huge opportunity for extra business by not including an insert. Inserts can also be used for delivery with newspapers.

When your sales consultant visits a client or prospective client, what have they got to show the client? Pictures paint a thousand words and most people think in pictures and images rather than words or text. So they will remember the images they are shown in the sales call more than the words spoken.

This is where a full colour sales presentation folder can work wonders. Have your products, services and sales message delivered consistently, powerfully with pictures and, at all times, giving people the impression that you are a quality company who invest in the images they want their customers and prospective customers to see.

It is vital in today's world of constant images that you ensure that you promote your company with clarity, with vivacity and thereby invoke remembrance of your company. Hill and Hay will be happy to help you with ideas and a total quality service to assist you promote your company in the most professional manner. Don’t miss another opportunity.

To experience Hill and Hay customer satisfaction and get a quote for a specific job, call us on 0141 554 2205 or email us.

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